A Forthcoming Event as part of Buckingham Summer Festival 2019,
Tuesday 9th July, Radcliffe Centre,  Buckingham, 1 pm.
A first performance of Merry-go-round & Funebra for Viola Duo
Performed by Peter Mallinson and Matthias Wiesner.
Stony-Live Concert 2019
A Feast of Musical Gems from Film and Television
performed by ‘Apol Duo’ on Tue, 04 June,12:30 pm
at St Mary & St Giles Church, Stony Stratford
For those who don’t know who Apol Duo are: that’s me and Valerie.

Wednesday 3rd October 2018, at St Andrew’s Church, Great Linford.
APOL DUO Valerie Kirby-Ashmore and Geoffrey Allan Taylor
Perform a sequence of light classical and popular tunes entitled
‘Onward the Dance’
Performance of Angel for piano solo from ‘Nativity’ collection of twelve pieces.

Thursday 17th May 2018, at St. Mary’s and St. Giles Church, Stony Stratford.
APOL DUO Valerie Kirby-Ashmore and Geoffrey Allan Taylor
Perform a selection of light classical and more popular tunes with a folk bias.
Fourth performance of Epithalamium for violin and piano.

Saturday 12th May 2018, at St. Mary’s and St. Giles Church, Stony Stratford.
In ‘French Explorations’ concert a performance on two keyboards of Arabesque and Minstrel from ‘Belfry’ given by Susan Chappell and Geoffrey Allan Taylor.

St Andrews Church
Great Linford Wednesday 4th October 2017
Valerie Kirby-Ashmore
Geoffrey Allan Taylor
Perform a selection of light classical
and more popular tunes with a folk bias.
Music by Dvorak, Grieg, Elgar, Grainger and Vaughan Williams.

This recital of music was given by Valerie Kirby-Ashmore (voice and violin) and the composer (piano) at the home of Millie and Stan Judd in Greens Norton on the 21st June 2017, the hottest Midsummer Day on record. It consisted of favourite pieces by composers inspired by folk music such as William Byrd, Anton Dvorak, Edvard Grieg, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Bela Bartok, Rebecca Clarke, Michael Tippett and Percy Grainger the great arranger. Geoffrey introduced two of his own works ‘Ornithophony’ and ‘Dreamscape’ to an intimate and receptive audience.

A concert was given on Wednesday June 7th 2017 in the Beechey Room, York House, in Stony Stratford as part of the ‘StonyLive’ series of concerts by the composer. A musical journey for keyboard was taken in a related sequence of favourite pieces on the theme of song and dance to summer that complimented other Shakespearian events. Two of his own works were given second performances, ‘Arcadian Inventions’ and ‘Dreamscape’.

On Sunday 31st May 2015, at the Ludlow English Song Weekend organised by Finzi Friends, Clare McCaldin(soprano) and Iain Burnside(piano) gave the first performance of ‘Is it for now or for always?’ and ‘Gathering Wood’ from the song cycle ‘The Echoing Axe’, settings of Philip Larkin poems in a programme entitled Exalt and Crown the Hour. Both the two songs were later broadcast on the 9th June in a Lunchtime Concert on BBC Radio 3 and again repeated in 2016. One day I hope to hear the complete cycle of eight songs.

Later in 2015 on Sunday 1st November, at Fellowship House, Hampstead Garden Suburb, in an afternoon chamber series, Clare with pianist Paul Turner gave the first performance of ‘Into my heart’, a setting of a poem by A.E. Housman. They also included the two Larkin songs mentioned above.

The performance of the Housman song inspired me to compose ‘My Endless Way’, An A.E. Housman Triptych with two more Housman songs ‘Loveliest of Trees’ and ‘From far‘, with ‘Into my heart’ as the centre piece.

Competitions can open up new worlds of exploration and discovery, and it is always a joy for a composer to share his new ideas with fellow musicians. Recently I was fortunate enough to be one of six prize-winners selected by the first round jury of Paul Patterson, Piotr Moss and composer and musical director Maciej Zoltowski for the final of the Krzysztof Penderecki International Composer’s Competition, a rare opportunity.

The task was to write a work for string orchestra and there were nearly fifty entries. I was flown out to Radom where the Radom Chamber Orchestra welcomed us to rehearse, discuss and perform our works.

My work was entitled In Arboretum, a fantasia suggested by the idea of a walk in a wood. This is the possible scenario. We enter a wood and following different paths we experience unexpected encounters, and proceeding deeper and darker, we have the traumatic realization of becoming lost. The second half is the search for the way out, a retracing of ones footsteps re-examining the terrain with new perspectives, a journey from darkness to light.

To hear ones work rehearsed and performed by a top professional chamber orchestra is reward enough, but there were three main prizes which went to the four young and very talented Polish composers; Bartosz Kowalski (first), Adam Porebski (second), Wojciech Blazejczyk and Ignacy Zalewski (joint third), names to look out for in the future. Mr Penderecki, as the chairman, must have had a very difficult job in having to judge the pieces in the final on the 10th November in the Penderecki Concert Hall in the splendid new O.Kolberga School of Music. I and Stanko Simic from Serbia could consider ourselves joint fourth. The titles of the six prize-winning pieces were Prismatic shapes, Stretched for strings, Introjekcja, Poem, In Arboretum and In Memoriam V. M.

Interviews and recordings were made for Russian Radio for a future broadcast, and copies of the final well attended concert and photos are to be sent us. With a handshake we were all given flowers, a picture of Radom, a huge poster and a certificate diploma signed by all the jury. We all had the chance of meeting and talking to the famous Mr Penderecki himself.

It was a splendid memorable occasion where friends were able to discuss and learn from each other and approach serious contemporary new music with a rare welcoming positive attitude and encouragement. Members of the very well dressed audience were treated not only to a feast of music but the most sumptuous reception after a concert I’ve ever attended.

After having a conservatory built on my house I have spent the first part of the 2012 laying a patio and redesigning the garden,repairing fences and replanting. I hope now to get back to composing, revising and reassessing my work. The garden is one of my inspirations.

New Recordings

New recordings of my organ compositions from 2007 and 2008 from the Annual Festival of New Organ Music in London with links can be heard at www.afnom.co.uk  an essential and stimuating site for any keen enthusiast of new music. Works of mine you can hear are Angel, Eleanor’s Lullaby, Dreamscape and Byzantium, now online as part of AFNOMfestival’s Chanel on Youtube.

I’ve created a new page that has extracts of various compositions of mine.
Please either use the link to the music page direct or use this link http://wp.me/PEQKi-2m